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1. All Bookie Bob's customers must be at least 18 years old.

2. All bets must be registered in Bookie Bob's server before the deadline for bets.

3. Bookie Bob offer only bets with fixed odds. All bets are settled at the odd received at the time the bet was placed.

Minimum stake is 0.1 of your account currency. There are no maximum stakes, although the funds to cover the bet must be in the customers betting account. (You can make a credit card deposit at the same time as the bet if your card company allows it). You may NOT bet on credit! All bets must be accepted by Bookie Bob bet-managers and be confirmed to you by e-mail. A bet made by telephone will be accepted when you have acknowledged the bet repeated back to you by our staff. A confirmed/accepted bet cannot be changed or cancelled.

5. The smallest number of matches etc. that a bet must consist of is usually advised on the list of events, ex. Min trebles for football, if applicable.

6. An unplayed or postponed match is void (odds 1.0). If a multiple bet is reduced because of postponement(s) it will be settled with the postponed matches having odds 1.0 and the rule of minimum no. of matches (if applicable) in the bet is cancelled.

7. The result for betting purposes is the result at the end of ordinary play, for football 90 min. Ice hockey 60 min. etc. i.e. when the referee blows his whistle. Extra time or penalty shoot-outs etc. does NOT count, unless specifically stated. If an abandoned or postponed match is finished within 36 hours the result at the end of play will count.

8. If not otherwise agreed or advertised, the maximum winnings per customer per week is $ 20 000 or equivalent in your currency, irrespective of odds and stake and should this happen all bets will be reduced accordingly.

9. Customers must place their bets individually. Repeated identical bets may be declared void if:

a. – When the bet(s) are the result of a conspiracy between two or more customers to exceed the bet-size.
b. – When identical bets are made within minutes of each other, or through different channels such as via Internet, telephone and fax in order to circumvent the stated amounts Bookie Bob is willing to accept on that particular bet.
c. – In the above cases Bookie Bob retain the rights to pay out winnings only on the original bet from the original customer.

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